By years’ development by the elites in various areas, UTRANSCOM is already the professional in many sectors. Our technology covers areas including Oil/Gas/Chemical Sector, Telecommunication Sector, Electricity Sector and so on.

For Oil/Gas/Chemical Sector, our powerful Integrated Management System can help customers centralize the management of the whole process from storage to transportation and retails of Oil/Gas/Chemicals (almost any liquids and gases). By the related communication ports with protocols, it can achieve the automation for intelligent controls, which is good for midstream and downstream of oil sector. By satellite adopted, it can avoid any disconnection of the system in the area without networks covered like remote areas in mountains, the offshore places, deserts and so on.

For Telecommunication Sector, the specific Integrated Management System is great for the centralized management of Power&Environment at base stations like Grids, Battery, Solar Power, Gen-sets, Surveillance, HVAC and so on.

We also have branches as consultants for Satellite Leasing, Crude Oil/Petroleum Trading and other projects. Kindly contact us for what you need and let’s achieve a great success together!